Sunday, June 21, 2009

we're all fat

you know what is super annoying? all these mcdonald's commercials with skinny ass people that are so excited to eat the greasy food. i guarantee you that a majority of the people who eat at fast food 'restaurants' are overweight. would it be that horrible for mcdonald's to have an overweight mom taking her fat kid to go eat chicken mcnuggets? it's more practical.

high school has finally ended. although it is sad to think about all the people i will never hang out with or talk to again, i have to remind myself that high school is just a small portion of my life and that the majority of my life is ahead of me.

as my graduation gift, i will be receiving a macbook pro with a free ipod touch and printer. i'm not too excited, but it will be super nice to have a new computer that isn't slow as fuck. i'm trying to filter/delete some of my music because i just don't listen to all 1,500 of the songs i have now.

summer classes start tomorrow and i am kind of looking forward to them. i'm sure that modern world history will be somewhat challenging and anthropology seems fun. i hope i have cool people in my classes.

i am going to jog. and it's dark.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

today is the first day of the rest of your life

i was in san francisco today and saw a sign that said that. i always thought signs with those cheesy sayings were retarded, but this time it felt different. i thought about it. today is the first day of the rest of your life... it sounds so optimistic, and so true.

recently i've felt so pessimistic about the future, mainly because the future is so uncertain for me. where will i be sleeping next year? who will i be with? will i be happy? all these questions have come up. these questions have bombarded all my other thoughts.

now that i have decided where i am going to college/living next year, the future feels a little more stable. through this decision i have calmed down and i feel like i can truly look forward to the future now. of course i am still afraid of what is to come, but i feel like now i can relax for the time being. i am actually excited for next year, which is an extremely refreshing feeling.

on a different note, i watched slumdog millionaire and was very disappointed. the constant flash backs, the torture scenes, the shaky camera, among many other things were all too much. i admit, i watched the first 50 minutes and shut it off. maybe the second half was amazing, but i was expecting a masterpiece after the film won for best picture.